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Colleen Alborough

Colleen Alborough is a Johannesburg-based multimedia artist and creativity coach. Working mainly in the mediums of interactive installations and stop-frame animation, she explores themes around the relationship between real and imagined fears, and the threats posed by a perilous urban environment and the psycho-geographic baggage tied to it. She interrogates her relationship to the city in her work, making art that is born of fears but also presents the mechanics for overcoming these fears. She has exhibited in South Africa, Italy, Germany, USA and Cyprus. Colleen holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has lectured in visual arts and new media at the University of South Africa.


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Rudolph Willemse

Rudolph Willemse’s career as regulatory specialist encompassed law, regulation, housing and finance. He has consulted widely on legal and regulatory issues relating to financial services, housing and development over decades, and has drafted legislative instruments and published papers in these fields. His interests include human rights, constitutionalism and the rule of law. Until his retirement he worked as Director: Legal, Risk and Compliance with a financial services institution. Rudolph holds Masters degrees in law from the University of South Africa and the University of the Witwatersrand. He is a published poet, has exhibited photography, and has a keen interest in music and the arts. He is married to artist Emma Willemse. They live in Riebeek-Kasteel.


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Mandy Conidaris

Mandy Conidaris is based in Johannesburg and holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Stellenbosch. She has worked independently in several capacities in the art world and has a specialist interest in printmaking and in South African original prints. Her work life has included contract printing, part-time lecturing in the Visual Arts Department at the University of South Africa, teaching art and creative practice privately, print consulting, and curating print exhibitions. Her own art practice comprises printing and drawing in various media, and she often makes narrative series. In 2013 she co-founded outoftheCUBE, an online platform to highlight the work of selected South African artists.


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Tamzin Lovell-Miller

Tamzin Lovell-Miller is an entrepreneur based in Riebeek-Kasteel, and the founder of Artfundi, a global art business management platform, making success quicker and easier in the art world. She previously owned Lovell Gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town, and then co-founded Sulger-Buel Lovell, a London-based gallery, which showcased contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora. Tamzin has a background in research, marketing and business strategy, and holds the degrees Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhodes University, and Honours in Communication Science from the University of South Africa.


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Gwen Miller

Gwen Miller is an artist, curator and visual arts educator based in Pretoria, working as researcher and senior art lecturer at the University of South Africa. Her paintings and multimedia works are represented in various private and public collections, and she often gets involved in collaborative multi-faceted group projects. She has participated in over 160 national and international exhibitions and projects. She also acts as adjudicator for art competitions such as Absa L'Atelier, Sasol New Signatures, and the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Award, and as external examiner for various South African universities. Gwen holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria and a Doctorate from the University of South Africa.