Emma Willemse


Victor van Aswegen


Rudolph Willemse
Emma Willemse
Victor van Aswegen

Interviewees in order of appearance

Colleen Alborough
Rudolph Willemse
Mandy Conidaris
Tamzin Lovell-Miller
Gwen Miller

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7.2 credits 1 right PHOTO-2020-08-13-14-43-29 (2)

Cinematography and sound

Victor van Aswegen

Edit and post-production

Victor van Aswegen

Shot on location at

Riebeek-Kasteel, Western Cape
Nando’s Central Kitchen, Lorentzville, Johannesburg
Nirox Sculpture Park, Gauteng
Hermanus, Western Cape

With additional footage from

Bank, Gauteng
Rustenburg, North West

Gallery installation assistants

Axel Ryder
Lester Japhta


Bank camcorder

Emma Willemse

Bank 8mm

NC Willemse

Rustenburg house camcorder

Emma Willemse

Florence Biennale

Rudolph Willemse

Paris exhibition

Emma Willemse
Katja Gentric

Riebeek-Kasteel tree felling

Debbie Kearns


Artworks and exhibitions

Rudolph Willemse
Emma Willemse


Rudolph Willemse

District Six

Paul Alberts / Africa Media Online
RealTime Images
Independent Archives RealTime Images
INLSA RealTime Images

Florence • Dakar • Johannesburg • Paris

Getty Images

Khufu ship

Rudolph Willemse

Eucalyptus • stump • bark • land art

Rudolph Willemse

Eucalyptus genome

Springer Nature

Nirox installation opening

Colleen Alborough


PA Archive / PA Images RealTime Images
United States Navy
Irish Defence Forces
Msytyslav Chernov / Unframe
Marina Militare / AFP / Getty Images

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Digital film equipment supplied by

Moving Image Technologies

Post-production at

CineSouth Studios, Cape Town


Red Igloo Music Publishing

C Porterfield

Andromeda post-production repair
W Swinney

Inner focus ring
J Snyder

C Porterfield

Morning in memoriam
M Slater

From a higher plane
S Ecoff

Proper tension
J Gray, B Baker, K Lewis, S Dente, B Whittington

Still in the water
S Ecoff, J Snyder

Losing the need to know
M Slater

Lost the deal, dammit
J Gray, S Dente, K Lewis, B Baker, B Whittington

Things fall apart
M Slater

Pious plainchant
J Gray, B Baker, B Whittington, K Lewis, S Dente

All the way to you
M Nelson, K Lewis, S Dente, B Whittington

Eucalyptus sequence interview sound edit

Warrick Swinney

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7.6 credits 3 right PHOTO-2020-08-13-14-43-28

Special mention by artist

Stefanie Schoeman
Erynne Ewart-Phipps
Rufaan de Bruyn
Nardia Cronje
Axel Ryder
Pearson Phiri

Special thanks to interviewees

Colleen Alborough
Rudolph Willemse
Mandy Conidaris
Tamzin Lovell-Miller
Gwen Miller

Special thanks for permission to film artworks:

At Nirox Sculpture Park

Benji Liebmann
Stephan du Toit

At Nando’s Central Kitchen

Bradley O’Neill
Leigh van der Watt
Frances Ward

Special thanks for pre-dawn access to Nirox


Forced displacement statistics

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees